It’s funny that some type of weather that temporarily changes the lay of the land causes us to lament about the loss of beauty, broken trees, inconvenience, government inefficiency or muddy boots.

Unless, of course, you are 15 months old investigating the garden after a gale.  The trampoline may have disappeared into the neighbouring field but the legs are still strewn around the lawn.  What a way to practise stepping over poles, over and over and over again and squealing with delight with each step.

Where did all the twigs and leaves come from?  Oh, just listen to the noise they make when you walk on them. 

And then the piece de resistance is spotted.  A rather battered old plastic wash basket has found its way onto the vegetable patch (well, it will be one day!) 

Look at me, I can pick up this huge object and move it around the garden.  I am soooo clever and strong.

The wash basket is such a wondrous thing.  You’d never believe what can be collected in it; leaves, twigs, pegs and stones even some of mummy’s flowers!  If you tip them out onto the patio they bounce and roll and clatter and clink.

This little girl had a huge learning day and she loved every minute of it.

How wonderful to be able to see the beauty and excitement in the mundane and familiar.

I have two reasons for writing about Lilly’s escapade in the garden.

One, is that every now and then it is important for us, as adults, to see the beauty in our world even if it is something we see every day. 

The oak tree standing on the corner of the street. Rain in the city

The deer running through the trees.   

The rain drops falling in the puddles.

The clouds in the sky. 

Your children in their wellies. 

The car starting, eventually…

We all have problems, traumas, dramas and issues which affect our lives but I bet there is a whole town’s worth of people, even a country’s worth, who have it even worse.

I think I want to say,

Be grateful for the good things, however small.

The second reason is about the children.

Little children get a kick out of washing baskets, fallen leaves, splashing in puddles, the small things. 

They don’t need huge amounts of expensive, pointless ‘things’

They don’t need huge theme parks, loud noises or expensive holidays.

What children absolutely need is YOU! (And maybe a wash basket!)

The best thing you can do for your children is to spend some quality time with them every day and let them investigate the world around them. 

It’s these times children remember in great detail and make huge impacts on their lives. 

It’s not roller coaster, the wave machine or the best new gadget or toy; it’s the wash basket!