About Me

Hello.  It is a great pleasure to welcome you to The Learning Voyage. My name is Jackie and this is my Jackiecontribution in helping children learn without barriers, tests, limits and stress as I believe this is the way children can learn to become independent learners and reach their potential.

My career has been in teaching and this should be one of the best jobs in the world but at the moment everything seems to be targeted towards making this wonderful job into a stressful and thankless task.

I am a maths and literacy specialist and have a huge amout of experience in behaviour management.  

Teaching is and always will be in my blood.  It is what comes naturally to me and I don’t want to lose my enthusiasm for helping children learn. For the first time I believe that there are some children who need to be out of the formal learning environment so they can reach their potential in a happy and relaxed manner. 

The past 2 years have seen my life change in every possible way.  I lost my husband of 18 years (to somebody else!), my job, my savings, my home, my car and my self esteem.

Now, I wouldn’t recommend this scenario to anybody but I have had time to re-evaluate my life and start again. This is both scary and exciting and I’m learning new things everyday, especially about me.


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The Learning Voyage is a platform for help, advice, news and resources for those of you who are helping children to learn.

Children should be given as much variation in their learning as possible but ‘play’ is still a crucial element for children to learn vital concepts.  I believe that there should be a certain amount of structure in learning but only in the ‘next steps’ approach.

Next Steps

We all learn at very different speeds and use different methods of learning for different concepts.  For example, some of us may charge through the steps for learning to read with no problems whatsoever but have a much slower rate of learning when it comes to shape and space.

Who has decided that by the time a child is 7 years old they should understand how to do multiplication and be reading independently?  WHY?

An animal marathon

Learning isn’t a race but it should be a process of working through all the steps and not
skipping any to comply with ‘regulations’ to be able to tick all the boxes.  It should be a hugely enjoyable experience for learner and teacher.

I shall be giving hints, tips, ideas and scaffolds to learning for helping children to learn in the best possible ways.

Whatever your role you will find something useful and inspirational here to make sure that you, as well as the children in your care, learn with a smile on their faces.

Teaching, within the system, is no longer the vocation it should be.  Teaching outside of the system is still rewarding and I would recommend giving it a go. 

I love receiving comments and questions and will always reply.  If there is something specific you would like to be included here, just let me know.