I’ve been looking at children’s sleep patterns recently and even wrote an article.

I have grandchildren of varying ages and at different stages of successfully sleeping through the night.

The two teenagers would sleep most of the day if they could but are full of life once midnight comes around.

I have used the same routine for putting children to bed for over 30 years (that’s not a number I like to see, believe me!) I don’t know why or how I came to this routine but it has worked for me.

Bath, chat and story with a cuddle, bed.

It seems so easy doesn’t it but it works.

The thing is, it’s not what you do but the routine that you have and sticking to that routine.  This routine works for me but it may be very different for someone else.

TV, hot chocolate, story, bed.

Play outside until it’s dark, bed!

I’d be interested to hear of routines or strategies that have been successful (or unsuccessful) with your children. I would like to list them here for anyone who has issues with children not sleeping and who knows, you might have the best remedy for some tired, anxious, grumpy and sleep-starved parents.

It could be that you, like me, have a set routine, or read a story, play music and natural sounds. Does your little one have a special bedtime drink (preferably not with brandy in it!)? Whatever strategies you use, please share with us so others can benefit from your advice

Please let me know your strategies or routines by writing in the comment box below.

Thank you so much