Counting More Than Five Objects Successfully

To be able to count to five and beyond reliably.

Background Notes
This is the last step in this particular mathematics concept. Please remember it doesn’t matter if your child takes two days, two weeks, two months or even 2 years to grasp these steps but they are necessary to be able to succeed in other areas of numberwork.

If children have mastered 1-1 correspondence, conservation of number and the order of the numbers then counting more than five objects successfully should be a doddle.

Although children pick up the counting ‘rhyme’ pretty quickly, it is important that they realise that the words, one, two, three etc, relate to how many there are of a particular object.

Being able to count to 5 when you are 3 years old is quite a feat but it is like learning a song and just remembering the words.  Being able to count to 10 and understand the meaning of each word is much more beneficial.

Repeat the other counting activities adding more and more items to count whilst at the same time teaching the sequence of numbers to the next step, eg 0-9, 10-19 etc.

There is no need to spend anything on helping your child to learn to count.  Everything you need is right in front of you.  



Don’t get stressed if your child isn’t going as fast as little Quentin down the road.  As I’ve said before, it isn’t a race and children should enjoy the learning.


Next Step

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