Counting Objects That Can’t Be Moved

To be able to count objects that can’t be movedchild clapping

Background Notes
This is a challenge because so far, all the counting has been done by moving or touching the objects.

It is important to check that the counting is correct and the children understand that the counting process is the same even though they can’t touch the objects.

This is a difficult concept to grasp as there is nothing to see or touch.  For this stage of counting, this is an advanced concept.  It seems so simple to us as adults but for children counting anything intangible is a hard concept to grasp.

Counting objects that can’t be moved can include:???????????????????????
Steps needed to reach the tree
Dogs in the picture
Photos on the wall
Drum beats 
People living at home
Rabbits can you see on the computer screen
Claps/finger snaps/foot stamps
Fish in the tank/pond

Counting things outside from the window.
How many trees/cars/chairs/birds etc can you see?
How many claps/stamps/chimes can you hear?
How many jumps/hops/skips can you do?

Anything you can count.  There is no need to buy anything special for this learning step unless you would like to use a computer program.

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£27.99 instead of nearly £200

Vary the speed of claps and whistles etc.

There is no need to count above 3 at this point unless, of course, you feel that your child has the understanding to go beyond 3.

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