Counting At Least Three Objects Successfully

To be able to count at least 3 objects using 1 – 1 correspondence and conservation of number.buttons2

Background Notes
This is more of an assessment than a step.  If children can count three objects using 1-1 correspondence and conservation of number then they are ready to move on.

Questions to ask to check for understanding.
How many buttons have you got?
How many now? (change the layout)
Can you give me 3 buttons?
Can you find 3 blue buttons?
Which plate has three buttons on it?

Again, there is no need to spend money on resources for this as they can all be found in the home but if you wanted something specific then I would recommend a set of Compare Bears.  I love these and have written a review here.

If you have a camera or phone with camera etc then it is a good idea to keep it handy if you would like to record your child’s progress.  – Pictures speak louder than words!

If you are keeping records about your child’s progress, this is a good activity to use.  Take photos or recordings if possible.


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