Education City Review – Free Trial

Education CityI’d forgotten about Education City.  I used this in the classroom until the budget ran out and the ‘man at the top’ refused to renew membership – not that I’m bitter!

This review is based on Education City being used as part of the learning and teaching structure and not as a stand alone system.

This is a subscription based website for children aged approximately 3 to 12 years old.

The cost is £29.95 per child and there is a 10 day free subscription offer.

By early 2015 should be entirely mobile friendly although all the teacher features and planning tools are already accessible.

Education City has a welcoming look with bright colours and animations.  The illustrations are simple and child friendly.

There are lots of areas to explore although younger children may need help to navigate in the beginning.My success

Children can earn stars for completing activities and their progress can be tracked in the ‘My Success’ area.

A certificate can also be printed for presentation purposes.

Each child can have a customised avatar and this along with their name is seen on the home screen.

Education City is geared towards younger children up to about 12 years old but this is only a guide.

All the games are fun and animated. Once the game is completed there is applause and cheering.

Your child’s progress can be seen in the ‘Success Tracker’ while games can be chosen by content or relevance to your child.

Maths, English, Science, French, German and Spanish are the topics available and children can work within their own level.Curriculum map educationcity

The blog, which can be accessed through the ‘Fan Page’ includes latest updates, teasers, hints and tips.

Below is a video which introduces the newest feature, V2, which was launched in September 2014.  This is mainly for schools but thought it would be interesting to see what the company are working on at the moment.


The Fan Page links gives access to the Blog, Picture Gallery, Draw and Colour, Meet the Gang, Wallpaper and Screensavers.

The Literacy area has sections on:
Word recognition, reading and spelling
Word structure and spelling
Understanding and interpreting texts
Engaging with and responding to texts
Sentence structure and punctuation
There is a topic finder for each area.

The Maths section include:
Using and applying mathematics
Counting and understanding number
Knowing and using number facts
Understanding shape
Handling data.

Science includes:
Life processes and living things
Materials and their properties
Physical Processes

French and Spanish includes:
Listen and respond
Listen and speak
Language awareness

German includes:
Intercultural understanding
Knowledge about language

The Curriculum Map (in the parent’s area) gives the objectives for each activity.  This area also lets you narrow the selection of the concept and activity.

Writing Style
The writing style is very child friendly and most of the texts have voice-overs.  There is isn’t too much text on each page which can put off some children.

The site is based in Rutland, UK so the accents and spelling are English.

Extra Special
For parents (and teachers) the learning objectives are a great idea especially as they are linked to the relevant activities.Brooke My City

The Topic Finder makes it easier to find specific areas within each subject.  This means activities can be more focused and relevant to each child.

The site is child friendly with appealing characters, large, colourful images, animations and just the right amount of child friendly text.

In some of the activities the voice overs run into each other.  The introduction to the activity is followed by the instructions without a breath being taken.

It’s a shame there isn’t a reduction in price for adding more children.  Having three or four children would make this an expensive outlay.

This review is based on using Education City as part of a learning and teaching structure and not as a stand alone system.

As I said, I have already used Education City in the past in a school based setting.  The children loved it and it gave them the opportunity to practice concepts that had been learnt previously.

At the moment I am using the 10 day free subscription offer. I think it is a lovely resource and would like to give my grandchildren the opportunity to use it but the cost for all my grandchildren would make it uneconomical.

Click Here and give the 10 day free trial a go and see what you think.  You’ve got nothing to lose as it is free.

Would you add anything about Education City to this review?

It would be great to get someone else’s point of view.