Little Tikes Hide and Slide – A Review – Is it worth the money?

Little tikes hide and slideAs the price of children’s quality toys sky rocket it is important the check out your intended purchase to make sure it covers all your specifications.  

Will the Little Tikes Hide and Slide live up to your expectations?

In the UK we are waiting expectantly for summer to arrive?  This is in the lap of the Gods.


With the good weather comes lots of opportunity for extended times for outdoor play and for children to have a wealth experiences with nature.

It’s the time to check the play equipment and find the slide has rusted, the trampoline has been made into a nest for a very sweet but large mouse family and the swing just fell apart!  It’s time to shop, again.

I’ve been looking at different play equipment for children and started with this one; the Little Tykes Slide and Hide.

Product Description

  • Dimensions once assembled: 115cm H x 172cm W x 142cm D (from Little Tikes website)
  • Weight:18.6kgs   (from Little Tikes website)                                       
  • Strong
  • *Rotomoulding manufacturing process
  • Resistant to heat, cold and sudden impacts
  • Easy to climb
  • Gentle Wavy Slide
  • Wide, multi-level platforms
  • Wide steps
  • Secret Play area underneath
  • Self Assembly
  • Hammer and Screwdriver needed

Little tikes hide and slide 3

The Good Bits

This is easy to climb equipment and gives toddlers the opportunity to get rid of some of their infinite energy.

The Little Tikes Hide and Slide is a long lasting, good quality product which is a winner with youngsters. 

It copes with the cold and hot weather without colour fading.  As there are no metal parts, the rain can’t cause rusting.

Self assembly usually brings a tear to my eye but it is reasonably easy to put together. It is light enough to be able to move around the garden for mowing the lawn or to help the grass recover from overuse.

For toddlers the wide platforms make it easy and safe to use and once they are confident it can be used without too much adult supervision. 

As an extra bonus the Hide and Slide comes in an enormous box and any parent will know the huge amount of fun that can be gotten out of a box. 

The Other Bits

The age range which Little Tikes recommends for this product is between 2 and 6 years.  Personally I think it could be used for younger children who are confident on their feet.  The upper age limit seems rather high especially for today’s generation of 6 year olds.  I would imagine that the slide would be considered boring for school aged children.  Also, the hiding place is rather small so would not accommodate a larger child.

I have no experience of dealing with Little Tikes customer service but after doing some research I found some reviews which made it out to be unsatisfactory.    Not all the customer service reviews were bad but I think it is worth keeping it in mind or at least, doing your own research.

I thought I’d add this part of a review from an Amazon customer, just because it made me giggle as well as proving the strength of this equipment

“Nice to buy something that seems indestructible and impervious to British weather. Can withstand the occasional tipsy adult even.”

My Opinion

So, is the Little Tikes Hide and Slide worth the money?  

If you want a piece of equipment for your pre-schooler – Yes

If you want equipment for 5s or over – No.  I suggest looking for something with a bit more of a challenge.

If you want something which will last without falling to bits or fading – Yes

The Little Tikes Hide and Slide is available from Amazon for £124.99 which means it comes with the Amazon returns policy.

For more information or to place an order, please click here.

*Process for manufacturing large, hollow, one-piece plastic products