I want you to be completely honest with yourself and answer this question:

How many hours/minutes a week do you spend channelling all your energy, thoughts and actions, positively with  your child/ren?

happy new mom

This doesn’t mean those times you all sit in front of a screen and watch a film or sitting on a bench in the park reading the paper whilst the children play on the climbing frame.

I mean the totally engrossed time, quality time.

If you said more than about 35 minutes over the week, that’s averaging 5 minutes each day, I would imagine your children get more quality time than most. 


Mummy and Daddy have been out at work all day.  The live-in help has cleaned the house, immaculately, cooked the dinner and fed and bathed the children.

Mummy comes home.  The children are ultra-excited.  She kisses them both and then disappears to have a well-earned hot bath.

Daddy comes home.  The children are ultra-excited.  He kisses them both and then sits in the armchair ready to play his computer game.

This is a household who can afford to employ help, yet, they cannot afford ten minutes to spend time, quality time, with their children.  A travesty!

Do you think children remember the times when the house was spotless, the food was haute cuisine and the gifts expensive or when parents/carers spent 15minutes helping with homework or the lego construction or even just a cuddle and a catch up.

Young father spending time with son

Helping to make children feel special should come naturally but, unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.

Believe it or not, children don’t need, or want, your 100% attention, 100% of the time.  They need their ‘me’ time as much as you do.  It’s also good experience for children to have time to amuse themselves rather than have directed time.

Working full time and bringing up a family is tiring and stressful but 15 minutes a day spent on the most important people in your life doesn’t sound too dreadful does it? 

These times are priceless and the ones that your children will remember forever and, hopefully, enjoy the same experiences with their own children.

Facebook, The Simpsons, xbox, glass of something or even the washing up will all still be waiting for you but those few moments concentrating on your children will never come again.  They are gone forever. 

How do you make time for your children? 

Do you have a set time or just ‘go with the flow’?

It would be lovely to hear about the times spent with your children, or maybe, you have problems finding the time.  Drop me a line in the box below, I’d love to hear from you.