Number Songs And Rhymes

To help children learn the sequence of numbers in a fun and active way.

Background Notes
Number songs and rhymes are a great way to learn how to count as well as being fun. They can be sung from a young age and children become familiar with them very quickly especially if you are doing the actions as well.

Children love performing the actions to songs and it is lovely to watch when they begin to sing the songs and rhymes independently.  If you have a blank when it comes to remembering any number songs and rhymes, why not take a look at YouTube.  They have a huge range of number rhymes with videos.  Some are excellent; some could be much better.  

Words and Actions.This link will take you to a page with the words to some of the most popular number rhymes along with suggestions for actions.  It seemed a better idea to do this than to put this information here! Ah Sweet Music!

You can, of course buy or download a whole range of music for your child to listen to
when you aren’t available.

I recommend though, that it is your voice the child hears.  Believe me, it doesn’t matter if you sound like a cat on heat, your little one thinks your voice is beautiful and it is a great way for them to learn the songs and be soothed at the same time. 

These are all on itunes so you can download the whole CD or just the ones you like. The real benefit of iTunes is the facility to hear part of the songs before you buy.

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Number songs    Baby loves to count    My first number rhymes    Keeping the beat


Don’t always use 5 or 10 to start number rhymes.  For example, try 8 fat sausages sizzling in the pan or 6 speckled frogs.  This is valuable in that it gives the children a more balanced knowledge of numbers.

Questioning is a huge part of helping children to become independent learners but, personally, I don’t think that this is useful during singing times. Can you imagine how frustrating it would be to be singing one of your favourite songs and every few lines you have to stop and answer a question?
“How many sausages are in the pan now?”
Who cares?  I just want to sing the song.  There are plenty of opportunities for good questioning so it seems a shame to ruin the song! 


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