This is a new one for me.  I’ve never heard of ‘something on a stick day’ but it sounds fun. This year it takes place on 28th March.

From what I can gather it celebrates all the food you can eat on sticks – surprisingly!

Now, it is time for me to admit that when it comes to cooking, I’m a miserable failure and if I don’t have to visit my kitchen, I don’t.   My most adventurous task would be to skewer a cube of pineapple and cheese and hopefully not lose too much blood!

It would have been pointless informing you about all the wonderful concoctions that could go on a stick; the best I could do would be to buy an ice-lolly.

This year on ‘The Learning Voyage’, it is going to be

‘Something other than food on a stick day’


Venice Mask

Plain or simple

Sumptuous, elaborate

It’s your choice

Or anything in between. 

Wonderful, baroque masks,

Animals, real or fantasy,

Scary masks of skeletons or ghosts,

Shiny, tiny, huge and fun.

Masks for moustaches

Masks for a beard. 

A mask of glasses or masses of hair.

A mask made of paper, card or a bag.

Plenty of glitter or feathers or paint

For Easter, Christmas or story time,

And a mask is a must for the fun pantomime.


Puppets and Pointers

Puppets galore

Pointers for sure

The Billy Goats Gruff

Or a wolf with no puff.

For under the sea

Or a special fantasy

Puppets tell a story

Or help with things

That don’t come easily.

Pointers to point

This way or that.

Pointers to point to your coat or your hat.

Where is the sky?

Where’s your Rolls Royce?

Use your pointer instead of your voice.



Decorations that stand

Decorations that hang

Decorations that shine

To keep for all time.



To keep your page

Without turning the edge

A lolly stick will do.



And place it in your Nancy Drew


I have no idea where the poems came from.  They aren’t what I had intended to write but I started so I finished.  Yes, some of the rhymes are a bit dubious but they are the best I could do.  In fact, trying to find a word to rhyme with ‘do’, I could only come up with ‘Pooh’.  That just didn’t look right.   Come to think of it, Nancy Drew isn’t particularly good either!

There you go then, The Learning Voyage’s tribute to ‘Something on a Stick Day!