The Cross-With-Us Rhinoceros: A Review

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Four fine brave adventurers come across a huge rhinoceros that starts to follow them.  

The chase begins, through the grass, up and down the hills, until a river stops them in their tracks…

What is special about this book?

This is such a favourite of mine.  I love the story and the illustrations.  

The rhymes help the story to bounce along and children love to listen to this story.

I have read this book to my own children, my grandchildren and the children in my classes.  There is something special about a book that has children on their knees with excitement or anticipation.

The Cross-With-Us Rhinoceros is perfect to read out loud and the tempo can be changed to match the storyline.

I have always read this book using a very deep, slow voice for the rhinoceros.  It makes children laugh and is a completely different ‘sound’ from the the rest of the story.

The illustrations are big, colourful and funny and so appealing to children.


What are the downfalls of this book?

As this is one of my all time favourite children’s book, as far as I’m concerned there are no downfalls.

It’s perfect.


This book is super for younger children and for storytelling.

I highly recommend this book.  It’s great fun.

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