The Great Outdoor Playground

Memories from childhood can be built from many experiences, good and bad, but those from the days of playing outside are one of the most treasured.  Can you remember making mudpies?  Some of the earliest memories we own are those from the great outdoors.  It seems a shame that some children will remember little about their play as children apart from a screen and sore thumbs.

In this day and age it even seems necessary to encourage children to ‘go outside and play’.  The imagination has been misplaced and needs to be nurtured back again.
children in mud

Below are some tips to help lure children away from the controller and encourage them back to great outdoor playground:

1.  If you have a garden, make it child-friendly, not clinical, clear and clean. Give them a space to explore.

2.  Make up some outside challenges for children to carry out. There could be a prize for the winner.

3.  Have a camping out night. Make or build a tent and have some friends round for a camping adventure.

4.  Keep of box of discovery equipment handy. Include, magnifying glass or box, trowel, mini beast identification book tweezers etc.

5.  Have a display area for their discoveries.

6.  Spend some time outside with your children. Let them see that you enjoy being outside too. Point out anything that interests you or may interest them.

7.  Hopscotch drawn on the grass or patio. Use chalk and it will wash off in the rain. Teach children how to play outdoor games.

8.  Collect some object to use in an art project. Eg leaves, grass, stones etc.

9.  When it rains, let them dress up in waterproofs and splash in the puddles. Who can make the biggest splash?

10. For a windy day, buy or make a kite. There’s nothing quite like watching a kite soaring in the sky

11. Give children their own area for gardening(or making mudpies!)

12. Who can dig the biggest hole? Give spoons for the task if you are worried about the damage a spade could do.

13. Cloud watching. What shapes can you see in the clouds?

14. Invite friends to enjoy the outside. Run, shout, scream and laugh.

15. Build a tree house

This is by no means an exhaustive list.  If you have any other ideas or, maybe, some memories from you outdoor child, please write them below.  I would love to hear from you.