As a child I was a hopeless sleeper.

I shared a room with my sister who fell asleep at the drop of a hat and who wouldn’t wake up even if I threw my doll, Priscilla, at her.

Reading was my saving grace and this has continued into my adult life. I would read until I fell asleep. I read so many books as a child that I was on first name basis at the library.

My problem has been that as an adult who adores reading, I fall asleep before I get to the end of the first page. This is so annoying and can be rather embarrassing.
In fact, I can fall asleep anywhere, anytime, anyhow (sounds like an advert for Martini!!) If I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to carry on with my day, this would be fine but I don’t. I wake up feeling as if part of my brain is still on standby with no idea of the time, day, or location. Sometimes I admit that I have even gone back to sleep.
The Ultimate Power Nap Amazon affThis problem has been solved.

I’ve discovered the ‘power nap’. It has been so liberating to be able to spend my days on top form. OK, that may be an exaggeration but you get the picture.
The topic of power napping came up when I was having a manicure in the local salon. It’s a very sociable place and I had been chatting for quite a while. There was a young student working part-time who fell asleep on the couch. I thought she had fainted but no, she was ‘power napping’. At first I was appalled that a young girl needed to sleep in the day and, to do it at work was unbelievable. She napped for about 20 minutes and woke up as if nothing was awry.
She thought it funny that I nearly tried to resuscitate her and explained that she takes a power nap every day and it keeps her alert and able to work, learn and play (nearly a Mars bar advert!). Since then I have researched power napping and, of course, tried it out myself. It works. I can work, learn and play with the best of them and still sleep at night.

I have written about the benefits of power naps here. I recommend giving it a try. It’s not a case of sleeping for an hour; there are strategies and methods attached. In this world of constant input of information, I believe the power nap has come into its own.

Do you power nap?  

Has it made a difference to your days, energy or performance?  

I’d love to hear about your power nap experiences, good or bad.  Drop me a line in the box below and I’ll get back to you.  T