The quick and easy answer to this question is:
The best way for your child to learn is for them to be happy and stress free.
Actually, if you think about it, this is just common sense. It’s the best way for all of us to learn.
So, if your children are unhappy and stressed at school, what would you do?Group of children
What would cause you to consider home schooling your children?

  • BullyingSad face
  • Loss of faith in the education system
  • Education system is no longer child orientated
  • Classes too large
  • Quality of teaching is not good enough.
  • A lack of childhood understanding
  • Everything is geared to data and statistics.
  • School doesn’t understand your child’s needs
  • Inefficiency of leadership
  • Too much travel time as you couldn’t get your child into the local school

Or maybe, it’s a combination of some or all of the above.
Or maybe it’s something completely different.

What would stop you from homeschooling?Pound sign

  • Working full or part time
  • Lack of qualifications
  • It would be hard to cope with the children being under your feet all day.
  • No resources
  • Lack of space for a learning area
  • You are too busy
  • Financial considerations
  • What would people say?
  • You didn’t know you were allowed to home-school
  • The Local Authority is making it difficult to home-school
  • You don’t know anyone else who home-schools
  • You don’t think you have the necessary skills

Or maybe a combination of some or all of the above.
Or maybe something completely different.

My experience has been the mainstream primary school system and I’ve always thought of home-schooling as the wrong thing to do.  

But things change
And so has my opinion.

If your child is unhappy at school the learning process is inhibited. You have an unhappy child and this impacts on the whole family.

Steps to take for staying in the school system.

  • Talk to the teacherit may be that the teacher is unaware of any issues but is able to sort things out to your satisfaction – stranger things have happened at sea!! Give enough time for the situation to be rectified before going to the head teacher with your worries.
  • Talk to the head-teacher – It is extremely important that you let the head know the full extent of your worries. However daunting the head teacher may be (and some can be scary) don’t hold back and don’t be fobbed off. You need to come away from any meeting feeling positive.
  • Inform the governors – Depending on the quality of the board of governors this should be the place where any issues which couldn’t be sorted out with the teacher or head will be rectified. I recommend that you put everything in writing and post (recorded delivery) or email it to the Chair of Governors. Again, don’t hold back!
  • Inform the local authority – There is the possibility that the local authority is running efficiently and has an excellent reputation (let me know so I can broadcast it here). Send the same letter that was sent to the governors with any covering or extra notes (cc to the chair of governors). If by this point you are considering home-schooling, don’t let the L.A. put you off.

In the ideal world, your issues should be resolved and your child and family have the equilibrium they deserve.
If not, changing schools may be the answer and then hope that the same problems don’t arise and you have to go through the whole process again.

Never would I have thought that I’d be advocating home-schooling but with the state of the education system today I think it is failing too many children.
Let’s go back to the list of reasons why you wouldn’t consider home-schooling and see if we can reduce the list.

  • Some of the things on this list are difficult to find ways around. On the other hand, other families have coped very well. This is a personal choice. Working full or part time is one of these issues and links with financial considerations. There are a plethora of books available that address this issue.  This one was published October 1st 2014 so is current.  The Working Parent’s Guide to Homeschooling
    Joining a group on Facebook or other social networks for working home school mums will give you lots of tips, hints and advice from those families who have hands on experience.  
  •  Lack of qualificationsYou don’t need any! There are many different ways of home-schooling and with the internet at our fingertips, help is always at hand. In fact, I would go so far as to say a lack of qualifications could be a positive. You have no learnt or pre-conceived ideas.
  • No resources/Lack of space – The world is your resource. The teacher in me is ingrained and I would recommend ome essentials but I’m very aware they are not necessary.
  • Children under your feet! – Children are only under your feet if they are bored or seeking attention. Home schooling should put a stop to this feeling – well, maybe not a stop but at least long periods of stress free time.
  • What would people say? Who cares!
  • You didn’t know you were allowed to home-school. Anyone can home-school as long as the school and LA are informed.
  • The Local Authority is making it difficult for you to make a decision. Don’t let them until after you have decided on the best course of action your child and your family!!
  • You don’t think you have the skills. If you have got this far in life then you have the skills and remember, the internet is a click away.
  • You don’t know anyone else who home-schools – Here is a list of groups and websites from around the UK (sorry everywhere else) where you can meet like minded families.

Netmums is worth taking a peek as they have loads of information about all sorts of children related things. There are local groups across the UK.  There’s lots of information on this site as well as a forum.  Lots of information and a list of loads more websites for home schoolers.

Choosing to home-school isn’t an easy decision but please don’t discount it as there are only a couple of reasons why it would be difficult.

You are perfectly capable of helping your child to learn in the best way possible and this is when they are happy and under no stress.

Please let me know your thoughts on this topic.
Maybe you have some other things to add to the lists for considering home-schooling or the reasons you can’t home-school.
If you are already home-schooling, do you have any tips or advice for those in the consideration process?