I thought that school was the best way to learning.

I’ve always believed that children are better off in school than being taught at home.


Well firstly because of the structure that a classroom has to have.

school classroom

Secondly because teachers have gone through four years of training to be able to teach so they know what works and what doesn’t.

Thirdly is the social aspect that school gives children.

I’m sure if I was to think harder and for longer I could come up with a few more reasons.

That was then.


This is now.

Although I only have experience with the Uk education system, I don’t believe that this is just a British problem.  I’m noticing comments from parents, teachers and children from all over the world.

Something has broken and it has been fixed using a bit of duct tape which is losing its grip.

Children should be the priority or have I got confused along the way?

An animal marathon


Learning isn’t a race to the finish.  It’s a non stop marathon which should be an enjoyable and on-going experience.



Why should children need to be at a certain level of reading by the time they are 6 years old?

Where does it say that if they don’t reach the required level by the time they are aged 11 the chances of them succeeding in life is slim?

Should learning be boring; a chore?  Or, should it interesting, exciting, intoxicating, habit forming, fun, spontaneous, etc etc etc?

I have seen children come home from school with homework to research Neil Armstrong and the Apollo Moon Landings.  That’s it!  No prior learning!  No criteria for success! No drama! Just go and research.

So the children search on Google for Neil Armstrong.  Select a page and print it off.  There, job done.

And that, apparently, is good enough.


An Education Heretic


From being a traditional teacher who stuck to the rules but always tried to make learning as fun and varied as possible I have now become an educational heretic.

I no longer see a benefit for most children to be in a formal learning environment.  By the time they leave school, there are thousands of other children with the same learning experience, life skills (if you can call them that), similar communication difficulties.  In a word they have become ‘clones’.

In the words of the Whitney Houston song:

I believe the children are our future,

Teach them well and let them lead the way,

Show them all the beauty they possess inside,

Give them a sense of pride to make it easier.

Take a look at your own children or the children in your class.

Is the education they are receiving, preparing them for a successful, happy, fulfilling life with good learning experiences?

Or will they be tomorrow’s clones?

For the first time I believe that for so many children, the best place to learn is at home, in a nurturing, safe learning environment.  

I think, that until things in formal education change for the better, homeschooling your child is the best way to go.

I would like to know if I’m the only person who feels this way or do you feel this way too?

Maybe you have a positive experience with your child’s learning; it would be good to hear from you so I can see that not all is lost.

If you have any comments or questions please write them in the box below and I always reply.

Thank you