Why Is Play Important For Children?


How many times have you heard or said

“That’s not a toy!”


“Stop playing that silly game”


“Grow up!”

It breaks my heart whenever I hear something like these phrases being said to children who are ‘playing’.

In teaching, a common thought among parents (and some teachers!) is that children play too much.

In my opinion, CHILDREN CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH PLAY and I’ve been thinking of the reasons to back up my statement.

I would imagine that I will add to this list as time goes on but for now, here are my reasons why children need play.

1.   Play is the scaffolding for children to develop into well rounded individuals with a positive outlook on life.

2.   Free play is essential for children’s creative development.

3   Active play helps produce fit and healthy bodies and minds.  Using a remote control or game controller is not active! There is an excellent review of the Mini Micro Scooter here.

4.   Playing with your children helps them to feel loved and nurtured.

5.   Spending time playing with your children helps to develop positive, happy and productive relationships.

6.   Playing helps children learn to become confident, resilient and competent individuals.

7.   The social and emotional needs of children can be met through play.

8.   Play is an essential part of a child’s life for developing self esteem and self awareness.

9.   Playing with friends helps children to develop social skills as well as learning about their environment.

10.  Independence is nurtured through play.

11.  Playing with your children helps you to remember how to play.

12.  Play helps parents and carers to have a better understanding of their child.

13.  Playing is fun.

14.  Playing is learning.

For an extra benefit, playing is strenuous and tires out children so they sleep soundly.canstockphoto13694366

I shall add to this list and would love hear your thoughts on this.  Do you have any reasons why you think play is important.  Or, maybe you think it is unnecessary.  Please use the box below to write your comments and I shall reply a.s.a.p

Thank you